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National Business Brokerage offers a full range of business sales and acquisition services by seasoned Business Brokers who are expert at what we do. Whether you're listing your business for sale or are an interested buyer, we're here to help you.

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The market served by Business Brokers generally involves the sale of businesses with transaction values less than $10 million.

By assisting buyer, seller, or both, in the selling and acquisition of a privately held business, NBA, Inc. can quite literally save the sale. Differences in viewpoints and opinions can quickly result in negotiations going south. We professionally represent both parties, or work in conjunction with the other side’s agent, to effectively steer through what otherwise could be the pitfalls of buying and selling a business.

As seasoned Brokers, we act as intermediary and buffer between seller and buyer by looking out for the interests of both parties and negotiating successfully on their behalf,all in a timely and professional manner.

National Business Brokerage has been assisting in the sale of franchises for more than 20 years. As a Franchise Broker, we engage in the consulting of franchise opportunities available to interested buyers and helps facilitate the franchise sales transaction between the franchisee prospect and a franchisor.

Not all franchises are created equal and hiring a seasoned Broker who knows the franchise acquisition process can be invaluable. NBB has this expertise and can help you navigate through what can be a tricky process. We match interested buyers with franchise opportunities they are interested in to find a good fit.

Classified as the lower-middle market, NBB serves as M/A Intermediary for larger, privately held companies, whose values are more than $5-10 million, to $100 million.

As Intermediary, we provide a number of services related to lower-middle market deal making such as acquisitions, divestitures and financings. We can market and sell your business, act as buffer between buyer and seller, understand the legal documentation required, know the rules and regulations for this type of business transaction and can help your company get the highest price.

The purpose of a Valuation is to determine the value for all or a portion of a privately owned or publicly held company, taking into account both quantitative and qualitative tangible and intangible assets associated with the specific business or company being valued.

Uses for a Business Valuation include: acquisition, bankruptcy, buy/sell agreements, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), estate planning, foreclosures, Franchise Valuations, insurance reviews, mergers, intra-family transfers, litigation / arbitration / settlement support, loan collateral analysis, negotiations, private sale and shareholder disputes.

We create a Confidential Marketing Package for your prospective buyers to read while vetting your company for purchase. This package is very professional and informative in nature, presenting background information on the company owner and the business itself.

Going into extensive detail, prospective buyers are given a very good idea of whether or not your business is one that they would like to pursue further. Bottom line, our Confidential Marketing Package speeds up the process of finding that perfect buyer.

Not all businesses are easy to find. Are you looking for a specific type or hard-to-find business? Why not utilize the help of a broker to find this match?

While a buyer search can be a lengthly process, it can result in a business that, if vetted properly, has a better chance of meeting your wants and needs.

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